Britney Inventions

Britney Spears is one of our generation's greatest minds! Some of her inventions include gay rights, frappuccinos, and anime. Follow BritneyInventions to stay up-to-date on Britney's Inventionography!

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at which release of Radar has a higher play count on their iTunes.

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Sending my love to Justin Bieber for keeping 2007 alive

Katy Perry Appreciation Post

i’m blown away

Anonymous asked: Where can I get those shirts?

Its a website called RedBubble

I love my birthday because its like Christmas but I don’t have to go to church or give presents to anyone else.

These shirts are how you can make my birthday wish come true.


Love you long time.

me at weddings

meine Führerin

meine Führerin

Anonymous asked: ughhhhhh youre so annoying

Wow, good read. You really dragged me; how will I go on?